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About Us

Clear Guard for Cars is a mobile service.

We service Dealerships, Auto Spas, Body Shops, and we also make house calls within a 50 mile radius of our location. We are located in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

Prior to starting Clear Guard for Cars in 2005, owner Andrew Pollina had 28 years experience in the automotive field, from mechanical repair and painting to auto sales and now Clear Bra installs.

Clear Guard for Cars has a passion for a good looking and well-protected vehicle. We use the best product in the clear polyurethane film industry. Our 8mil thick polyurethane material has been tested to withstand sandblasting, and penetration of a 1/2 inch stone up to 65 mph. We believe that a well cared for car is a better valued car.

In most cases, if the stone does pierce the polyurethane film, it acts as a cushion under the stone as it is deflected back into the air, thus leaving a mark in the polyurethane film and 

saving the paint. It also has the best, most durable top coat finish around!

Our material manufacturers have done extensive testing on its product to withstand high heat against fading, yellowing and longevity to extreme temperature changes.

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